26 Really Exciting Gifts for 4-Year-Old Boys

Last updated on May 3, 2024

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When a boy turns 4, it’s an exciting phase; at this age, they are inquisitive about the world around them and their mental growth is progressing at a rapid pace! As a result, most boys of this age group are fascinated by practically everything. Additionally, social abilities and progress become extremely crucial during this period as 4-year-olds start to grasp more about the social environment and develop an interest in the thoughts, experiences, and tastes of others. Imitation and role-playing scenarios are common forms of play around the age of 4, and many of the presents on this list will encourage this type of play and the advancement of social skills.With such a wide variety of products and excellent choices available, selecting a present for a 4-year-old boy can be a daunting task. This list presents a diverse range of options to assist you in making a decision.

1. Theo Klein Bosch Workstation

Theo Klein Bosch Workstation
Why we like it: Perfect for kids who love to role-play, this workbench comes with lots of accessories to inspire imaginative play.

Role-play is a way that 4-year-olds make sense of the social side of the world; they use imitation and acting to experiment with different situations and scenarios, which in turn helps them to develop appropriate ways of interacting and to ‘file’ away and make sense of their social experiences.

The Theo Klein Bosch Workstation is an ideal toy for role-play as it is based on real Bosch products that the child may have seen a family member, friend or workman using and it comes with 40 accessories to support a whole range of play. This kind of play is perfect for supporting the development of fine-motor skills and dexterity in the fingers, hands and wrists too.

  • Based on real Bosch products
  • Encourages role-play
  • Increases fine-motor skills and dexterity
  • 40 accessories
  • Larger item, requires space to store and play

2. Play Tent and Tunnels

Why we like it: An exciting play set with tunnels, teepee and ball pit for active physical and imaginative play.

With vibrant tunnels, cube tent and teepee, this pop up play set by Weplay encourages hours of active and social play. The target wall game takes playtime up a notch.

The lightweight polyester tent assembles in seconds and folds into a compact carry case. Durable and safe, it’s ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Kids can crawl through tunnels, hide in tents and let imagination run wild. The variety of play spaces and activities make this an ideal gift for 4 year old boys who love active physical play.

  • Vibrant tunnels and tents
  • Target wall game
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Balls sold separately

3. Paw Patrol Ultimate Police Rescue Cruiser

Paw Patrol Ultimate Police Rescue Cruiser
Why we like it: Based on the popular children’s cartoon this police cruiser includes all the Paw Patrol characters for plenty of imaginative, story-telling play and fun.

As a cartoon that is very popular with 4-year-old boys, Paw Patrol is a great theme for children’s play as it includes a range of social scenarios including ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ superhero type play. This set is ideal because it includes all of the characters from the series so that nothing needs to be bought separately. Including all the characters ensures that there are plenty of different scenarios that a 4-year-old boy can act out, experimenting with different kinds of interactions between the characters and practicing his speech and language.

The Paw Patrol Rescue Police Cruiser not only features all the characters and encourages imaginative play but also has real working parts to enhance play and increase children’s understanding of technology.

  • Based on popular children’s cartoon
  • Working parts
  • Includes all characters
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Improves speech and language skills
  • More expensive toy

4. Lego Marvel Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout

Why we like it: An exciting Spider-Man headquarters playset with characters and accessories to inspire imaginative adventures.

The Lego Marvel Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout is an action-packed gift for a 4 year old boy. This superhero set features Spider-Man’s headquarters with a giant spider building, Ghost Copter vehicle, basketball hoop, slides and more for endless imaginative play.

This set includes popular characters like Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider and Green Goblin for roleplaying superhero vs. villain scenarios. The creative accessories like a guitar, pizza and paint supplies spark social play. Expandable with other Lego Spidey sets, this 295 piece kit builds fine motor skills.

  • Roleplay Spider-Man HQ with characters
  • Encourages social and imaginative play
  • 295 pieces for building skills
  • Expandable with other Spidey sets
  • Small parts require supervision

5. Costume Superhero Cape Set

Superhero Costumes
Why we like it: A multi-cape set that ignites the imagination, encourages social play and improves fine motor skills.

This Roko Superhero Cape set is a fun gift for any four-year-old boy who dreams of saving the day! The set includes four superhero capes, each with a unique design and four matching masks. The capes are made from high-quality satin fabric, which not only makes them comfortable to wear but also durable for endless hours of play.

Beyond the excitement of becoming their favorite superheroes, this cape set offers several benefits for a young boy’s development. Pretend play has been shown to enhance creativity, problem-solving skills and social interaction. As boys put on these capes and go on their amazing adventures, they develop their storytelling abilities and learn to cooperate with others during imaginative play sessions. The adjustable velcro neck closure not only ensures a secure and comfortable fit for growing boys but also improves fine motor skills as they learn to fasten and unfasten the capes. Whether it’s a playdate or a costume party, this cape set is perfect for the young superhero you’re shopping for.

  • Stimulates imagination
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Multiple capes for social play
  • Includes matching masks
  • Hand wash only

6. Retro Light-Up Pegboard

Retro Light-Up Pegboard
Why we like it: A nostalgic toy the whole family can enjoy playing together while young boys develop pattern recognition and critical thinking skills.

Dazzle young minds and spark creativity with this classic toy. Instead of having to create art on paper, this Lite-Brite will allow four-year-old boys to create 3D art that will light up their room and their imaginations. With its vibrant pegs and reusable templates, this timeless toy provides endless hours of artistic exploration. As children insert the pegs into the Lite-Brite’s illuminated board, they develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and color recognition. It also promotes concentration and problem-solving skills.

This toy encourages self-expression and boosts self-confidence as kids proudly share their illuminated masterpieces. They can choose from one of the included templates or create their own unique designs, encouraging artistic freedom and self-expression. Not only does the Lite-Brite stimulate creativity, but it also enhances critical thinking. Planning and organizing designs will develop logical reasoning and pattern recognition skills. The Lite-Brite is a toy that has stood the test of time, captivating generations with its magical light effects and artistic possibilities.

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
  • Teaches pattern recognition
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Contains very small parts

7. Lego Duplo Cargo Train

Lego Duplo Cargo Train
Why we like it: With a motor and remote control included, classic Lego Duplo just got even more fun!

Even fairly young children are interested in, and surprisingly skilled with, technology so the Lego Duplo Cargo Train makes the perfect gift for a 4-year-old boy who is curious about how things happen and why things work. This set combines all the usual fun of Lego Duplo, with an easy to operate push and go motor. The robust, child-friendly design makes it easy to increase children’s interest in and understanding of technology.

The Lego Duplo Cargo Train can also be controlled using an app, increasing technology skills and understanding further and ensuring that the set can be used as the child grows.

  • Compatible with other Duplo sets
  • Robust, child-friendly design
  • Push and go motor; easy for children to operate
  • Increases interest in and understanding of technology
  • Can be controlled with an app
  • More expensive than standard Duplo sets

8. Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit

Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit
Why we like it: An exciting gift that will engage young boys in an imaginative world of prehistoric exploration while developing an interest in science and paleontology.

Escape on an exciting prehistoric adventure with the Dino Egg Digging Kit. This unique gift is perfect for four-year-old boys who love dinosaurs and enjoy hands-on exploration. The kit includes 12 dinosaur eggs that are made out of gypsum, a clay-like material. Along with the eggs are various excavating tools to carefully remove the outer shell to reveal the miniature dinosaurs inside. Each egg hides a different species so there will be tons of opportunities to learn about different dinosaurs.

Excavating with the tools will help develop fine motor skills, patience and focus. It will also stimulate curiosity in paleontology and science. The hands-on experience encourages tactile exploration and sensory development while developing hand-eye coordination. All the materials are toxin free and safe for children. This is a cool gift that will provide just as much fun as it does education. Parents and young boys will love it.

  • Educates about different dinosaurs
  • Encourages an interest in science
  • Teaches patience while excavating
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Includes 12 eggs for multiple experiences
  • Excavation is one time only
  • Can be messy

9. Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe

Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe
Why we like it: A scooter that is designed to grow with younger children and exciting physical skill to master.

Scooters are popular with children of all ages and by age 4 they can become a really useful mode of transport when the stroller is outgrown but walking is still too slow! The Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe is specially designed for younger children, aged 2-5 years, and has a handle that can be easily adjusted to the right height and plenty of grips on the scooter deck so it’s perfect for a 4-year-old boy.

Scooters are a great way to encourage outdoor, physical play to keep children active and healthy, and to help burn off some of that endless energy! Scooting also helps to develop balance, coordination, core strength and control.

  • Adjustable handle height
  • Suitable for ages 2-5
  • Grips on deck
  • Encourages outdoor physical play
  • Develops coordination
  • Requires protective equipment, e.g. helmet

10. Playmobil City Action Firestation

Playmobil City Action Firestation
Why we like it: A play-set based on the fire service with exciting sounds and working elements to encourage imaginative role play.

Role-playing based on different occupations and ways of life is an important developmental milestone, showing that a child can comprehend and explore issues beyond what immediately affects them. Role-playing the emergency services and ‘people who help us’ demonstrates that a child is beginning to understand the wider society in which they live.

The Playmobil City Action Firestation is ideal for this kind of play, including sound effects and working elements it allows children to role-play imaginatively and explore the fire service. This set also improves construction skills as children need to follow instructions to put it together.

  • Encourages imaginative role-play
  • Allows children to explore different occupations
  • Improves construction skills
  • Working elements
  • Sound effects
  • Batteries required
  • Fire engine sold separately

11. Brio World Travel Switching Set

Brio World Travel Switching Set
Why we like it: Great battery powered train set to encourage interest in modes of transport and develop construction skills.

Train tracks are a classic toy, offering a range of benefits for children’s development. For example, as children learn to connect pieces, they improve their hand-eye coordination, as they decide on the pieces they need, they develop problem-solving skills and as they plan their creation, they work on their spatial awareness.

The Brio World Travel Switching Set adds interest to train track play with two battery-powered engines based on trains from around the world. This encourages and develops an interest in different modes of transport. The Brio wooden tracks are also compatible with other train track sets.

  • Wooden tracks; eco-friendlier toy
  • Compatible with other track sets
  • Encourages construction skills
  • Develops interest in modes of transport
  • Battery-powered trains; add interest.
  • Requires batteries

12. Mario Kart Mini Anti-Gravity RC

Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Mario Mini RC Racer
Why we like it: Remote control car that can perform tricks and stunts.

Remote-controlled gadgets are a popular choice for 4-year-old boys who are often interested in technology, how things happen and why things work, as well as enjoying the experience of being in control of an object. The Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Mario Mini RC Racer is a remote-controlled car, perfect for encouraging positive use of technology.

The Nintendo Mario Mini RC Racer is based on the popular Mario Kart characters to add interest to the item and can perform a range of tricks and stunts that are sure to delight most 4-year-old boys.

  • Remote-controlled car
  • Based on popular Mario Kart characters
  • Can perform tricks and stunts
  • Encourages use of technology
  • Requires batteries

13. Galt Toys Super Marble Run

Galt Toys Super Marble Run
Why we like it: A fantastic way to boost creativity and improve construction skills as well as an understanding of cause, effect and gravity.

Marble runs make excellent open-ended construction toys which can help to boost a child’s understanding of cause, effect and gravity. As a 4-year-old uses the easy to connect pieces he will be forced to consider how best to do so in order to allow the marbles free passage down the run.

The Galt Toys Super Marble Run can be added to with other Galt Toys Marble Run sets and includes instructions so that a 4-year-old can follow them and construct a tried-and-tested marble run, as well as coming up with their own designs.

  • 60 pieces
  • Designed to slot together easily
  • Instructions included
  • Improves understanding of cause, effect and gravity
  • Boosts creativity
  • Marbles need to be stored carefully; choking hazard

14. Coding Critters

Coding Critters
Why we like it: Develop early coding skills with this cute, fun play-set.

Coding skills are highly in demand right now and the earlier children can develop them the better! If children are interested in technology then encouraging that interest and the related skills is certainly a good idea.

The Coding Critters set is a set of cute animals that children can learn to use code and program them to move around. They have plenty of extra activities available for easy download and children can also use ‘Play Mode’. In play mode children do not need to program the animals, they can just play with them and pretend to take care of them.

  • Develops early coding skills
  • Encourages use of technology
  • Play mode; allows children to take care of creatures
  • Additional downloadable activities
  • May require adult help or supervision

15. Playmobil Porsche 911

Playmobil Porsche
Why we like it: Remote control Porsche car, perfect for Playmobil figures and imaginative play!

Based on the popular classic car, the Playmobil Porsche 911 can also be used with other Playmobil sets to encourage imaginative, social play. The Porsche, figures and accessories can be used to ‘act out’ scenes and other social scenarios, helping to improve the understanding of social situations.

The Playmobil Porsche 911 comes with all the accessories needed for a race and has light-up elements. This set could make a great starting point for a Playmobil collection or an addition to an already growing one.

  • Based on popular Porsche 911 car
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Lights up
  • Compatible with Playmobil sets
  • Requires batteries
  • Pre-constructed, no construction to do

16. Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippo

Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippo
Why we like it: Classic, fun, family game to enhance motor, maths and social skills.

Playing games with family and friends is another great way for children to work on their social skills as they develop the ability to take turns, play fairly, follow the rules and begin to regulate their emotions as they win or lose. It also helps to build some social rapport and is a lovely way for family and friends to bond.

The Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippo game is ideal for 4-year-olds as it doesn’t require lots of strategies or critical thinking and has a fast pace. The game is ideal for improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills as children press the buttons on the hippos to make them snap their mouths open at the right time. Early maths skills are also supported as the balls need to be counted to determine who has won.

  • Fun game suitable for the whole family
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Develops motor skills
  • Encourages counting and maths skills
  • Supports social skills
  • Requires additional players

17. Aquaplay Mountain Lake

Aquaplay Mountain Lake
Why we like it: Water canal system for hours of fun encouraging imagination and early maths skills.

Water play forms a popular part of many preschool settings and for good reason! The learning opportunities when playing in water are very rich and playing in water is a sensory play opportunity in and of itself. The Aquaplay Mountain Lake is a water canal system for children to experiment and play with.

This helps to build early engineering and scientific skills as children begin to experiment with and gain an understanding of dams and water wheels. Early maths skills are developed through water play too as children begin to play around with concepts like full and empty. This is an ideal gift for children who love to play outdoors with water.

  • Sensory play opportunity
  • Builds early engineering skills
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Develops early maths skills
  • Best played outdoors; requires outdoor space

18. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage
Why we like it: The ultimate garage toy for Hot Wheels fans, will encourage construction and imaginative play.

Part of the popular Hot Wheels range, this set is ideal for imaginative play with toy cars. It has space for over 140 cars and is compatible with other Hot Wheels sets so play can really be extended as much as desired. Imaginative play with cars is another way for children to experiment with different social situations and develop their language as they often use language to narrate what is going on or give speech to different characters in the scene they are creating.

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is over 3 feet tall so would make a really exciting gift for a 4-year-old boy which will help to improve his construction skills too.

  • Over 3 ft tall
  • Space for over 140 cars
  • Compatible with other Hot Wheels sets
  • Encourages construction skills
  • Inspires imaginative play
  • Expensive toy

19. Remote Control Stunt Car

Remote Control Stunt Car
Why we like it: A remote control stunt car made to take a beating while boys develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Give the gift of fun and excitement with this remote control stunt car by Amicool. Designed for easy operation, even by young kids, this is the perfect toy for a four-year-old boy that is just starting to get into tech toys. The included remote will ensure seamless control as the car flips, spins and zooms across the room or backyard. The wide tires even make for a smooth ride on rough terrain like grass, dirt or snow.

Using the remote control will improve fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination as he figures out how to maneuver around obstacles. The sturdy design and flexible tires make this car age appropriate as it’s expected it’s going to take a few bumps and crashes. The 360-degree rotation capability and flip feature mean that even running into walls or furniture won’t stop the fun. It can completely flip upside down and keep on rolling. This gift will provide loads of fun while developing important skills.

  • 360-degree rotation and flip capabilities
  • Simple control, minimal buttons
  • Develops hand-eye coordination 
  • Encourages outdoor play 
  • Rechargeable batteries don’t run long

20. Playmobil Wildlife Adventure Tree House

Playmobil Wildlife Adventure Tree House
Why we like it: An exciting wildlife adventure Playmobil set for imaginative and social play.

Playmobil is a great resource for promoting children’s imaginative and social play at age 4 because at this age they become very interested in a wide range of social scenarios and Playmobil gives them the characters and scenes needed to explore these.

The Playmobil Wildlife Adventure Tree House is ideal for this kind of imaginative play as it has lots of working features and is also compatible with other Playmobil sets so that play can be expanded by joining sets together and introducing characters to play.

  • Encourages imagination
  • Improves social skills
  • Compatible with other Playmobil sets
  • Working features
  • Small pieces; requires careful storage

21. Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyea
Why we like it: Walking, talking Buzz Lightyear from the popular Toy Story 4 Movie.

Toy Story has become a popular and instantly recognizable enterprise and the most recent Toy Story 4 movie was a big hit, so many 4-year-old boys will be fans of the characters from the Toy Story 4 movie. Buzz Lightyear, as one of the main characters, holds special appeal.

The Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear is a fun play figure with lights and sounds who walks and talks! Most 4-year-olds will be delighted to hear him repeat popular catchphrases and will have hours of fun creating imaginative play scenarios based around storylines from the films, and their own ideas.

  • Popular children’s character
  • Walks and talks
  • Lights and sounds
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Requires batteries

22. Lego Classic Extra Large Stone Box

Lego Classic Extra Large Stone Box
Why we like it: Boost imagination and creativity with this set of over 1500 pieces for open-ended Lego play.

Lego is a real timeless classic when it comes to open-ended construction toys and it really is built to last forever. Many families have Lego from when their adult children were younger, which they pass on to grandchildren or keep in their home for children to play with when they visit; this just shows how long the appeal of Lego will last!

The Lego Classic Extra Large Stone Box features 1500 Lego elements for lots of open-ended play which will boost children’s imagination and creativity. The set also includes some construction ideas in case children need some inspiration to get them started.

  • 1500 Lego elements
  • Open-ended play
  • Boosts imagination and creativity
  • Develops construction skills
  • Includes construction ideas
  • Does not come with storage box

23. Tomy Pop Up Pirate Game

Tomy Pop Up Pirate Game
Why we like it: An exciting game that encourages social skills like turn-taking whilst improving motor skills.

The Tomy Pop Up Pirate Game is great to play with all the family as it is suitable for a range of ages, and can be played by up to 4 players at a time. However, it is also perfectly possible for a child to play with the game pieces alone so doesn’t always require extra players to be around.

The game requires players to poke little swords into holes in the barrel until eventually one of them triggers the pirate character to pop up. Being able to put the sword pieces into the right holes requires dexterity and helps improve fine motor skills.

  • Encourages social skills
  • Improves motor skills
  • Up to 4 players
  • Can be played alone
  • Great family game
  • Requires adult supervision

24. Puzzle Globe

Puzzle Globe
Why we like it: Introduce a child to geography and help them understand the wider context of the world in which they live.

Around about age 4 children are ready to understand their place in the wider world, including the idea of the globe. An early introduction to geography will benefit children as they read stories and learn about festivals from other countries, or even as they travel to go on holiday as it will give them a point of reference in which to understand the new information they are presented with.

The Puzzle globe includes six continent pieces, ocean names and famous landmarks which helps children to learn major geographical concepts. The pieces fit with different shaped pegs which helps to encourage children’s shape recognition too.

  • Early introduction to geography
  • Six continent pieces, ocean names, landmarks
  • Encourages shape recognition
  • Multi-lingual activity guide included
  • Plastic toy; less eco-friendly option

25. Battat Take-Apart Roadster

Battat Take-Apart Roadster
Why we like it: Encourage early engineering skills with this construction toy.

Early engineering skills are all about how things fit together, how they work and also how they can be taken apart. Many children are interested in taking things to pieces, and though parents can find this infuriating it is actually a very normal part of development.

The Battat Take-Apart Roadster is a car that has 18 pieces that can be taken apart and then reconstructed, developing early engineering skills and problem-solving skills. Using the tools included in the set also helps to develop fine motor skills and strength in the fingers, hands and wrists.

  • 18 car pieces to take apart and reconstruct
  • Develops early engineering skills
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Made of strong, durable plastic
  • All pieces need to be kept together

26. Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox

Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox
Why we like it: Perfect set for sensory play, simply folds away when finished!

Sensory play is important throughout the early years, and that includes age 4 too. Sensory play allows children to experiment with a whole range of different concepts and learn by being hands-on.

Kinetic sand is sand which can be easily molded and is extremely satisfying to use. The Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox is ideal as it can simply be folded away when a child is finished playing with it, the box itself is a convenient, built-in storage solution and comes with 7 molds and tools. The kinetic sand itself is non-toxic and hypoallergenic so very safe for children to play with.

  • Sensory play opportunity
  • Convenient, built-in storage
  • 7 molds and tools included
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Can be messy

Final words

4-year-old boys are at a wonderful stage in their development when they are seeking to become more and more independent and want to explore a wide range of toys, crafts and games. They are also full of a real zeal for life which means they often have quite broad interests and lots of them. In some ways, this makes buying a gift for them easier, whilst in other ways, it may become overwhelming with such a wide variety of products on the market! This list of 26 ideas captures a range of quality products available as gifts for 4-year-old-boys so will hopefully help you as you consider what might make a good gift for the 4-year-old boy you need a gift for.

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