27 Unique and Useful Gifts for a 12-Year-Old Boy

Last updated on May 3, 2024

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As they approach their thirteenth birthday, 12-year-olds find themselves in a unique stage of life, straddling the line between childhood and adolescence. While they may still exhibit some of the playful behaviors you’ve grown accustomed to, you’ll also notice signs of their burgeoning independence and a desire to express their individuality. Thankfully, the transition into the teenage years is gradual, providing ample opportunity to adapt to these changes.

Given this transitional period, selecting the perfect gift for a 12-year-old boy can be a bit of a challenge, as you may be uncertain whether to opt for a toy or something more age-appropriate. This curated list offers a blend of sophisticated toys and practical items, ensuring that you’ll discover a suitable present for the 12-year-old boy in your life.

1. Hetyre Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Why we like it: A multifunctional speaker with cool lighting effects, perfect for a tech-savvy 12 year old’s bedroom.

This versatile Bluetooth speaker is an awesome gift idea for a 12 year old boy who loves gadgets and technology. It packs 5 fun features into one convenient device – a Bluetooth speaker, LED lamp, alarm clock, MP3 player and speakerphone. The built-in LED lights can shine in a variety of colors that dance along with music or provide a soft night light.

The large 2000mAh battery lasts over a week on a single charge. 12 year old boys will love being able to play music wirelessly from their phone or tablet and use the speakerphone feature for calls with friends. The alarm clock with snooze helps them become more responsible getting up for school. This gadget will be the highlight of any young techie’s bedroom.

  • 5-in-1 functionality
  • Dancing colored lights
  • Huge battery for long play
  • Speakerphone for calls
  • Alarm clock with snooze
  • Buttons could be hard to read in dark

2. DIY Clay Luminary Kit

DIY Clay Luminary Kit
Why we like it: An arts and crafts kit that allows creative minds to design and make their own clay candle holders to use as personalized room decor or gifts for friends and family.

The Hapinest Luminary craft kit is a thoughtful gift for a 12-year-old boy, offering a unique combination of creativity and hands-on learning. This kit comes complete with all the materials needed to create three original candle holders, inviting young creatives into the world of design and clay molding. Featuring 15 clay color options, the kit allows boys to express their creativity in a tangible form. Whether kneading, swirling, mixing, or matching the colors, they can develop their fine motor skills while creating personalized patterns.

The inclusion of non-toxic polymer clay ensures a safe, engaging experience. When baked under an adult’s supervision, the clay sets into a sturdy luminary, providing an interesting introduction to the science of materials. Boys can either keep all of them or share their self-crafted luminaries as unique gifts for family or friends. This amazing craft kit is more than just a gift, it’s an opportunity for artistic expression, learning and sharing.

  • Includes supplies for three luminaries
  • Provides an introduction to clay art
  • Encourages creativity
  • Great family project
  • Baking requires adult supervision

3. Upriser Ducati Panigale V4 S Remote Controlled Motorcycle

Upriser Ducati Panigale V4 S Remote Controlled Motorcycle
Why we like it: A remote-controlled, self-balancing, fast stunt motorcycle to encourage an interest in technology.

Remote-controlled vehicles are popular with 12-year-old boys who like technology and the opportunity to control items. The Upriser Ducati Panigale V4 S Remote Controlled Motorcycle is a replica of a popular motorcycle that can be controlled and used to perform stunts.

With up to 45 minutes of drive time from a single charge, the Upriser Ducati V4 S Remote Controlled Motorcycle gives 12-year-olds a longer opportunity to play; practicing steering and negotiating space, thereby developing spatial awareness. The self-balancing motorcycle can reach speeds of up to 12 mph and perform several different stunts, this will be a popular gift for a 12-year-old boy.

  • Remote controlled
  • Encourages an interest in technology
  • Self-balancing
  • Up to 12 mph
  • 45 minutes of drive time
  • Requires regular charging

4. Lego Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger

Lego Technic Fast & Furious Dom's Dodge Charger
Why we like it: Lego replica of a classic muscle car to build engineering and technology skills.

Based on a car from the popular Fast & Furious Movies this replica of a classic muscle car is the perfect gift for a 12-year-old boy who is a fan of Lego, vehicles or the Fast & Furious Movies. The Lego Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger kit features moving pistons, suspension, steering and air blowers to help develop children’s understanding of this technology.

Building with Lego in general, helps to develop important engineering skills but the Lego Technic range has been specially developed to encourage these skills further, making it ideal for boys with a particular interest in engineering or mechanics.

  • Replica of a classic muscle car
  • Moving pistons, suspension, steering and air blower
  • Based on a car from the Fast & Furious movies
  • Encourages engineering skills
  • Careful storage of pieces required

5. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Why we like it: Versatile gaming which can be used at home or on the go.

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming system, offering the opportunity to connect to a TV or screen at home as well as a portable gaming system with great battery life. The handheld device is a popular selling point as many gamers want the ability to play on-the-go.

For many 12-year-olds this will be perfect, offering the ability to play wherever they are. We often think of playing video games as a simple leisure pursuit but they offer plenty of learning benefits too. Alongside increasing skills associated with technology, playing video games can increase physical dexterity in the thumb and fingers, improve hand-eye coordination and reaction times and develop critical thinking skills. This is a big-ticket gift that will certainly please a 12-year-old recipient.

  • Can be connected to the TV
  • Portable, on the go gaming
  • Improves technology skills
  • Encourages dexterity and fine motor skills
  • Develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Expensive item
  • Requires charging

6. Vatos Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests

Vatos Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests
Why we like it: Encourage screen-free physical activity with everything you need for an exciting game of laser tag.

There’s no denying that 12-year-old boys love technology, but it’s all too easy for them to become creatures of habit; stuck inside using screens far too often. At 12-years-old fresh air and exercise are still very important components of growth and development so anything that gets children moving is a good thing!

The Vatos Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set with vests is ideal for encouraging physical activity as children chase one another, and learn to aim and fire the safe, infrared technology, guns. There are several different modes that can be used including team mode to encourage children to work together and play as a team. The Laser Tag game is very easy to set up so they can get started right away with a high degree of independence.

  • Encourages physical activity
  • Screen-free technology
  • Develops teamwork
  • Safe infrared technology
  • Easy to set up
  • Requires batteries
  • Best played with others

7. Wooden Catapult Building Kit

Wooden Catapult Building Kit
Why we like it: A unique catapult craft kit that will teach young boys about engineering, physics and history while having hands-on fun.

Immerse curious minds into a realm where history, science and hands-on fun intersect with this catapult kit by Boy Craft. This hands-on toy is the perfect gift for a 12-year-old boy, offering the chance to create two operational catapults from scratch. It comes with all the necessary pieces, paints and a comprehensive visual guide for assembling and decorating the catapults. The challenge of piecing together the mechanisms not only sharpens fine motor skills but also promotes problem-solving and logical thinking.

The real magic of this gift happens once the catapults are complete. The excitement of launching objects and strategizing the best angles and force provides a hands-on lesson in physics. It also fosters healthy competition and friendly sportsmanship as boys engage in catapult wars. Another added bonus is that by playing with these catapults, boys can learn about historical warfare and engineering techniques. This catapult kit combines fun, creativity and education which makes it a no-brainer gift choice for boys who love toys.

  • Includes paints for artistic expression
  • Combines crafting and history
  • Includes supplies for two catapults
  • Comes with launching beanbags
  • Flying objects are best outdoors

8. Sony LinkBuds S

Why we like it: Lightweight wireless earbuds with advanced noise canceling – the perfect gift for a tech-loving 12 year old.

These awesome Bluetooth earbuds by Sony are a great gift idea for a 12 year old who’s into gadgets and music. The LinkBuds S feature intelligent noise canceling that automatically adapts to the environment for undisturbed listening. The ambient sound mode lets in essential sounds when needed.

With a comfortable and secure fit, integrated processor for immersive sound quality and touch controls for managing music and calls, these earbuds are packed with features. A 12 year old boy will love the ability to connect to two devices at once like a phone and gaming system. With up to 6 hours battery life and a charging case that extends playtime, they can listen for hours on end.

  • Advanced noise canceling
  • Ambient sound mode
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Connects to two devices
  • More expensive than basic earbuds

9. Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster

Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster
Why we like it: Lots of fun with this motorized Nerf blaster toy.

Nerf blasters are extremely popular with 12-year-old boys and are ideal for fast-moving games and fun. This blaster comes with 20 darts and can fire these from a motorized barrel which will certainly keep things moving quickly!

Playing with Nerf blasters is a great way to improve hand eye coordination and develop spatial awareness as a 12-year-old handles and aims the blaster. This particular blaster is based on the popular Fortnite computer game which is sure to make it a real hit with many 12-year-olds, for whom playing with Nerf blasters can be a popular social activity as they play imaginative, strategy-based games with their Nerf blasters, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Motorized blaster
  • Can shoot 10 darts
  • Dart storage clips included
  • 20 darts included
  • Inspired by popular Fortnite computer game
  • Requires batteries

10. Intex Seahawk 2

Intex Seahawk 2
Why we like it: Great inflatable boat with paddles to increase confidence and physical skills in water.

Water sports require plenty of confidence in the water, but by age 12 many children are able to swim and feel very confident in the water, and so they start seeking out that next water-based adventure and thrill. The Seahawk 2 is a 2-person boat with a 200 kg weight limit and includes the pump and paddles needed.

This boat promotes outdoor, physical play helping children to stay active and be healthy whilst continuing to build their confidence and physical skill in water. A great gift for a 12-year-old boy who is starting to explore water sports!

  • Includes pump and paddles
  • Designed for 2 people (200 kg capacity)
  • Increases water confidence
  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Requires water to use (pool, beach, etc)

11. Ball Bouncing Skill Game

Ball Bouncing Skill Game
Why we like it: An upgraded version of a handheld paddle ball game that will improve memory and hand-eye coordination while providing hours of fun.

This ball-bouncing skill game by Komboid is a gift that delivers thrills, challenges and skill development in one fun package. It offers a unique blend of excitement and learning that suits the active mindset of a 12-year-old boy. This unique game challenges players to master bouncing balls into a handheld, palm-sized target. The simple yet captivating concept puts a player’s precision, hand-eye coordination and motor skills to the test while providing an interactive play experience that promises to keep them engaged.

As the game demands concentration and accuracy, it also enhances cognitive skills, focus and spatial understanding. It’s a playful way to stimulate the brain, encourage physical activity and nurture competitive spirit among friends or family. The game’s compact design allows for portability, meaning the excitement can be taken anywhere, from casual hangouts to schoolyard challenges. It’s a gift that combines fun and self-improvement, making it an excellent pick for an energetic and playful young mind.

  • Promotes active play
  • Challenges memory
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Great for collaborative play
  • Could become too easy after repeat play

12. Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer
Why we like it: Stylish and practical gift with a protective case to keep sunglasses safe.

By age 12 many boys are becoming a lot more conscious about how they look and what they wear so, for a style-conscious 12-year-old a nice pair of sunglasses would make a luxurious and practical gift. Instead of toys which may or may not be used a pair of sunglasses is practical and will certainly be used on vacation or throughout the summer.

The Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer sunglasses are available in a range of colors so that you can choose a pair that will suit the 12-year-old boy you’re buying for. They have UV protection to keep eyes protected from the sun’s rays and come with a protective case so that they can be kept safe when on the go.

  • Stylish sunglasses brand
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Available in a range of colors
  • UV protection
  • More expensive brand of sunglasses

13. Sphero SPRK+

Sphero SPRK+
Why we like it: Encourage an interest in technology and robotics whilst developing coding skills.

Technology is a huge interest for many 12-year-old boys and robotics in particular is an area that many find exciting and fascinating. The good news is that as technology improves around the world robotics is a growing industry with more and more complex robots being designed and built every day and the ability to work within this field is growing too.

The Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robotic Ball and Programmable Robot is ideal for 12-year-old boys who have a growing interest in this sector as it provides hands-on activities and helps to develop children’s coding skills as they use the compatible app to write programs for the robot to carry out.

  • 1hr playtime
  • Hands-on activities
  • Improve technology skills
  • Develop coding skills
  • Educational toy
  • Requires compatible device

14. Ravensburger Porsche 911

Ravensburger Porsche 911
Why we like it: 3D jigsaw puzzle to increase construction skills and spatial awareness, based on a classic car.

Based on the classic Porsche 911 car to spark a 12-year-old boy’s interest this 3D jigsaw puzzle is a great way to increase construction skills and spatial awareness as they figure out where to place each piece, and then have to carefully place each piece. The jigsaw puzzle does not require glue, as the pieces are designed to hold together without it but children must use careful fine motor skills to ensure that pieces hold well.

The Ravensburger Porsche 911 3D jigsaw puzzle would make an ideal gift for a 12-year-old boy with an interest in classic cars and will help to build concentration and perseverance.

  • Based on a classic car
  • Improves construction skills
  • Develops spatial awareness
  • Builds concentration and perseverance
  • Requires careful storage

15. Geospace Original Jump Rocket

Geospace Original Jump Rocket
Why we like it: Exciting flying rocket toy with a jump launch pad.

Playing outdoors is important for 12-year-olds who still need plenty of fresh air and physical activity, but finding novel ways to encourage this can become increasingly more difficult as boys get older. The Geospace Original Jump Rocket is a fun way to get a 12-year-old boy outside and doing something a little bit different.

The Geospace Original Jump Rocket is 100% air powered; launching is achieved by jumping on the durable launch pad and sending the rocket flying up into the air. Flights of up to 300 feet can be achieved on each launch, and the whole set up has really been built to last. An ideal gift to keep a 12-year-old boy busy outside.

  • 100% air powered
  • Increases physical activity
  • Flies up to 300 ft
  • Durable and built to last
  • Best played outdoors

16. Hasbro Risk Board Game

Hasbro Risk Board Game
Why we like it: Introduce children to the classic world-domination strategy game.

Risk is a classic board game that can be played at family gatherings with older children and adults, or with friends. Playing board games in this way offers a whole host of benefits to children as it helps to develop social skills. 12-year-olds will love being able to join in with what adults and older children are doing and will develop social skills such as turn-taking, emotional self-regulation and playing by the rules.

The Hasbro Risk Board Game is a particularly good game for developing strategy skills such as critical thinking, planning ahead and problem-solving as players have to decided how to distribute their resources and what to prioritize. These are important skills that a 12-year-old could use in a range of situations.

  • Introduction to a classic board game
  • Increases strategy skills
  • Improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Develops social skills
  • Requires other players

17. Lego Architecture Las Vegas

Lego Architecture Las Vegas
Why we like it: Develop an interest in architecture and improve construction skills with this Lego set.

Over 500 pieces of Lego that can be made into an accurate, detailed replica of the Las Vegas Skyline, this set is ideal for 12-year-old boys who are beginning to develop an interest in architecture or geography. This set features famous Las Vegas landmarks to improve 12-year-olds knowledge of the area and also comes with a booklet explaining some of the architecture found in Las Vegas.

The Lego Architecture Las Vegas set will help to improve children’s construction skills as well as their ability to follow instructions, concentrate and persevere at an activity for an extended period of time. It is also compatible with other Lego sets if the 12-year-old you’re buying for likes to play creatively.

  • Develops an interest in architecture
  • Features famous Las Vegas landmarks
  • Improves construction skills
  • Compatible with other Lego sets
  • 500 pieces; requires careful storage

18. Klask Klask

Why we like it: Half table football, half air hockey, an award-winning party game for playing tournaments.

An award-winning party game Klask is half table football and half-air hockey and can be played on any flat surface, making it portable and ideal to take to family events or friends’ houses. 12-year-old boys like to be involved in what adults and older children are doing and Klask is a great way to do this at parties and events.

Each match of Klask lasts for just 10 minutes making it ideal for tournament play. For 12-year-old boys, this kind of involvement promotes plenty of important social skills as well as improving physical skills and spatial awareness through gameplay.

  • Award-winning game
  • Fast and frantic gameplay
  • Can be played on any flat surface
  • Lovely, wooden finish
  • 10-minute matches
  • Requires other players

19. Lacoste Unisex Kid’s Analogue Quartz Watch

Lacoste Unisex Kid's Analogue Quartz Watch
Why we like it: Celebrate becoming a teenager with a classic, stylish watch.

By age 12 many boys are pretty fashion conscious and want to express themselves through their style. A watch makes a lovely, special gift for a boy who is starting to become more interested in their image.

The Lacoste Analogue Classic Quartz watch has a classic, clean and sporty design and is made with high-quality materials. Water-resistance means that it can stand up to being worn by a 12-year-old and it comes with a gift box and 2-year warranty, making it an ideal gift.

  • Sporty, classic design
  • High-quality materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Complete with gift box
  • 2-year warranty
  • Specialist batteries

20. Handheld Electronic Memory Challenger

Handheld Electronic Memory Challenger
Why we like it: A portable electronic gaming device that challenges memory and improves reflexes.

For a 12-year-old boy who appreciates a blend of challenge and fun, this electronic brain game by Brainbolt is an ideal gift. This handheld memory challenger offers a thrilling test of cognitive agility and quick recall. It’s not just about quick reflexes, it improves sequential thinking skills and builds confidence as players navigate increasingly complex patterns of light.

This engaging game features a solo mode for personal play and a two-player mode for friendly competition. Whether it’s a quiet afternoon at home or a lively gathering with buddies, it’s ready to bring excitement. It’s more than a game though, it’s also a unique way to improve brain development and strengthen memory and reaction skills. The compact design makes it an excellent travel companion, ready for action while in the car, on a plane or wherever the day may go. It does require batteries but it comes with three AAA batteries installed, providing instant fun and skill development right out of the box.

  • Improves memory and reflexes
  • Multiplayer game for group challenges
  • Compact design is great for travel
  • Includes starter batteries
  • Plastic construction so handle with care

21. Fjällräven Kånken Art Special Edition

Fjällräven Kånken Art Special Edition
Why we like it: Lightweight, durable backpack available in a range of colors to suit their look and personality.

A backpack makes an ideal, practical gift for a 12-year-old boy as at this age they begin to develop their own hobbies and interests and spend more time independently out of the house. A 12-year-old boy will probably need a backpack for school, and then may need one for school sports kit, any extra-curricular sports or activities and will usually like to have one to take to friends’ houses too. So even if the boy you’re buying for already has a backpack, another will probably still come in useful!

The Fjällraven Kånken Art Special Edition is a specialized designed edition of a popular, stylish backpack brand. The backpack has useful built-in features such as cushioned pockets, lightweight, durable fabric and adjustable shoulder straps. It’s available in two special artistic designs so you can choose one to suit his look and personality!

  • Cushioned pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Lightweight durable fabric
  • More expensive than other backpacks

22. Intex Pool Side Rocking Lounger

Intex Pool Side Rocking Lounger
Why we like it: Perfect for relaxing in the water or by the side of the pool.

Most 12-year-old boys love days at the pool and are starting to be able to enjoy time relaxing as well as plenty of time playing in the water. Confidence in water and physical swimming skills are important for 12-year-olds and contributes to their overall sense of wellbeing as well as health and fitness.

The Intex Pool Side Rocking Lounger can be used in the water and out and has a contoured design for added comfort, handles for stability and built-in cup holders for convenience. As an inflatable, this product is easily portable so can be taken on vacations, pool parties or for a day at the pool.

  • Handles
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Contoured design for comfort
  • Portable
  • Requires inflating

23. Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game

Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game
Why we like it: Ideal for outdoor events and playing with family and friends, this outdoor game is great for improving physical skills.

Physical skills like throwing, catching, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness are still being worked upon and improved at 12-years-old but are also usually of a high enough standard that children can enjoy joining in with games with family and friends.

The Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game is great for all ages, develops a whole host of physical skills and has a quick easy set up too. A great gift for a 12-year-old boy who loves sports and playing outdoors.

  • Great for all ages
  • Perfect for outdoor events
  • Quick, easy set-up
  • Durable materials
  • Improves physical skills
  • Requires other players

24. Lego Technic Hovercraft

Lego Technic Hovercraft
Why we like it: Part of the Lego Technic range this set is ideal for developing engineering skills.

Part of the Lego Technic range, the Lego Technic Hovercraft set is ideal for 12-year-old boys who are particularly interested in vehicles, mechanics or engineering because the range has been specially designed to promote this kind of understanding and skills.

The Lego Technic Hovercraft set features sticker detailing which needs to be carefully placed, so children can follow instructions and use their fine motor skills to place the stickers appropriately. This set also has plenty of working parts, demonstrating engineering features and is compatible with other Lego sets to promote creativity.

  • Develops engineering skills
  • Compatible with other Lego sets
  • Working parts
  • Sticker detailing
  • Lots of parts; requires careful storage

25. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid
Why we like it: Noise-canceling headphones that can be used for a range of activities.

Noise from gaming, music and TV can become an issue at 12-years-old and cause conflict in the household; these noise-canceling headphones might just provide a solution. Compatible with a whole range of devices, using Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones can be used for various activities, saving the household from the noise of a 12-year-old boy’s interests and saving the 12-year-boy from the noise of the rest of the household!

These high-quality headphones reduce noise by about 90% so he can concentrate fully on what he’s doing. With a 40-hour playtime and comfortable design, with memory foam features, these make a great gift.

  • Promotes independence
  • Reduces ambient noise by 90%
  • 40-hour playtime
  • Comfortable; memory foam earcups
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Require charging

26. New Era NY Yankees Baseball Cap

New Era NY Yankees Baseball Cap
Why we like it: A fashionable and practical gift for a 12-year-old boy.

If you’re looking to buy a more practical gift for a 12-year-old boy then a baseball cap may be a good idea. A baseball cap can be both fashionable and practical, and the New Era NY Yankees Baseball Cap ticks both of these boxes.

With its classic design, the New Era NY Yankees Baseball Cap is available in a range of colors so you can select one which suits the 12-year-old boy that you’re buying for. As well as being a fashion statement a baseball cap is also ideal for protection from the sun and made from 100% cotton to stay cool.

  • One size fits most
  • Classic design
  • Adjustable strap
  • 100% cotton
  • Available in a range of colors
  • May not suit all styles

27. Ravensburger Notre Dame 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger Notre Dame 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
Why we like it: High-quality 324-piece 3D Puzzle to encourage construction skills and spatial awareness.

Encouraging an interest in architecture or construction is a great idea for a 12-year-old boy as these kinds of skills are becoming increasingly in demand in the workplace. The Ravensburger Notre Dame 3D Jigsaw Puzzle is a 3D Jigsaw Puzzle, which produced a replica of the famous Paris Notre Dame Cathedral, without the need for glue.

12-year-old boys will have to work carefully using fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness to fit the pieces together, improving their perseverance and concentration.

  • 324 pieces; suitably challenging
  • Encourages construction skills
  • Improves spatial awareness
  • No glue required
  • Develops an interest in architecture
  • Lots of pieces; requires careful storage

Final words

Whether you decide to buy a toy, game or practical gift from this list all of the items we have selected provide a range of benefits to a 12-year-old boy’s development. As 12-year-olds have very distinct personalities, styles and interests it’s important that you choose something suitable for the particular 12-year-old boy you are buying for by taking all of these factors into consideration.

12-year-old boys may be beginning to approach the more difficult teenage years but they still do look up to the adults in their lives and appreciate being given gifts by them. This appreciation will often translate to a desire to try out something slightly new or different, so even if you select a game, toy or kit that they may not have chosen themselves, they are often still likely to give it a try. We hope you find the perfect gift for the 12-year-old boy you have in mind.

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