27 Awesome Gifts to Make 5-Year-Old Girls Happy

Last updated on May 2, 2024

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Around the age of five, young girls enter a transitional phase of childhood, no longer fitting into the categories of toddlers or preschoolers, yet not quite reaching the “big kid” status. At this age, many children have already begun their educational journey, leading to a heightened sense of maturity and improved self-control as they adhere to the guidance of their teachers. Nonetheless, emotional outbursts remain prevalent, as the ability to self-regulate is still in its early stages of development.

Parents and caregivers will observe significant physical changes in a 5-year-old, such as increased height, a leaner physique, and enhanced coordination and dexterity in their movements. Encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle at this age helps establish positive habits that will benefit them for years to come. The gifts featured in this list have been thoughtfully curated to align with the developmental stage of a 5-year-old girl, offering support for their growth while catering to a diverse range of interests.

1. Disney Girls’ Minnie Hoodie with Bow and Ear

Why we like it: An adorable Minnie Mouse hoodie every fashionable girl will love wearing.

This officially licensed Disney hoodie features Minnie’s iconic polka dot bow and face graphics. The soft cotton/polyester fabric includes a 3D bow and ears on the hood for extra Minnie style.

Available in toddler to big girl sizes, it’s the perfect Minnie garment for trips to Disney, holidays, school, or everyday wear. The vibrant colors and character details will make any girl happy to wear this sweatshirt again and again.

  • Officially licensed Disney product
  • Soft, comfy hoodie material
  • Cute Minnie Mouse details
  • Wide size range
  • Runs small, order up a size

2. ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

Why we like it: ThinkFun Zingo Bingo helps preschoolers develop critical language and matching abilities. Players race to fill their Zingo cards by matching pictured objects on tiles.

This exclusive version includes an extra card for up to 7 players. The Zinger device adds excitement as it dispenses tiles. Easy to learn and packed with clear instructions.

Awarded by parents and teachers alike, Zingo improves visual perception, builds focus, and teaches social skills. With over 50 million sold, it makes a great gift for 4+ year olds.

  • Builds early reading skills
  • Fun and fast-paced
  • Award-winning game
  • Up to 7 players
  • Chance-based, which can frustrate some

3. Shifu Orboot

Shifu Orboot
Why we like it: Globes are a great learning resource and this one has the added benefit of augmented reality!

Globes are a fantastic learning resource that will last a child through their school years, adding context to children’s learning and realism to their understanding of locations. The Shifu Orboot takes this a step further, adding an extra layer of interest with augmented reality access via an app.

As children hold their device up to the globe, they are able to access a huge range of information improving their technology skills and promoting a positive use of technology. The Shifu Orboot is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and helps to build children’s interest in geography and their knowledge of the wider world.

  • Increase interest in geography
  • Promote use of technology
  • Improve technology skills
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Helps build knowledge
  • Requires compatible device

4. Playmobil Lucky’s Happy Home

Playmobil Lucky's Happy Home
Why we like it: Based on DreamWorks ‘Spirit’ film, this Playmobil set encourages social, imaginative play.

Playmobil is a great way of encouraging children to play imaginatively and socially. With many different sets available there are plenty of different imaginative scenarios that children can experiment with. The Playmobil Lucky’s Happy Home is based on the popular DreamWorks ‘Spirit’ film and allows children to act out their favorite parts of the film.

Playmobil is a toy that can be played with friends too as children can assign each other figures and play the role of different characters. This can help children to develop pro-social behaviors like turn-taking and conflict resolution. The Playmobil Lucky’s Happy Home is a great set for a 5-year-old girl who has an interest in horses or is a fan of the DreamWorks ‘Spirit’ film.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Promotes social skills
  • Based on DreamWorks ‘Spirit’ Film
  • Compatible with other Playmobil sets
  • Larger item requires space to store and play

5. Micro Maxi Deluxe 3-Wheel Scooter

Micro Maxi Deluxe 3-Wheel Scooter
Why we like it: Around age 5 it might be time for a scooter upgrade, this scooter is ideally sized for a 5-years olds stage of development.

Scooters are a toy that seem to be popular throughout childhood, and if the 5-year-old you’re buying for has had one for a few years then around about age 5 is a great time for an upgrade. If the 5-year-old girl you’re buying a gift for hasn’t had a scooter before then now is the ideal time to learn how to ride.

The Micro Maxi Deluxe 3 Wheel Scooter has a stable 3-wheel design that grows with the child, with its height-adjustable handle. Scooters are a good way to keep children active and healthy and provide a convenient way to get around when walking feels a bit too slow! Skills like balance, coordination and spatial awareness can also be developed through learning to ride a scooter.

  • Grows with the child, height adjustable
  • 3-wheel design is more stable
  • Lightweight
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Increases physical skills
  • More expensive item
  • Requires protective equipment, e.g. helmet

6. Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker

Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker
Why we like it: Great Crayola craft set with everything she’ll need to create beautiful designs.

Craft sets are very popular with 5-year-olds who love to be creative and make art of their own. The Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker set is a portable art set that includes clear instructions for children to follow. Learning to read and follow instructions is an important skill for children to gain as it allows them to become much more independent in accessing activities.

The Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker set encourages creativity whilst keeping mess to a minimum, as everything is self-contained. This set would make an ideal gift for a creative 5-year-old girl.

  • Portable art set
  • Less mess
  • Encourages creativity
  • Improves ability to follow instructions
  • Specific resources, refills need to be brought from Crayola

7. Lego Disney Princess Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration

Lego Disney Princess Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration
Why we like it: Based on 3 popular Disney princesses this Lego set gives girls plenty of opportunities to build and play.

Playing with Lego gives children plenty of opportunities for imaginative play and as Lego sets can all be connected together, these opportunities are expanded with each Lego set a child has. The Lego Disney Princess Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration is a great set for 5-year-old girls who love Disney princesses as it is themed around Ariel, Aurora and Tiana.

Lego also improves construction skills, builds an ability to follow instructions to achieve the desired effect and begins to shape an early interest in engineering or architecture. The Lego Disney Princess Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration comes with mini-doll figures and animal figures to enhance play.

  • Based on 3 Disney princesses
  • Compatible with other Lego sets
  • Improves construction skills
  • Lots of opportunities for imaginative play
  • Includes mini-doll figures and animal figures
  • Requires careful storage

8. KidKraft Heart Table and Chairs

KidKraft Heart Table and Chairs
Why we like it: Ideal furniture accessory that will last for years to come.

An ideal addition to a little girls’ bedroom, the KidKraft Heart Table and Chairs is likely to fit in with their décor theme and is built to last. A 5-year-old will get plenty of use out of this little table and chairs set, built especially to be child-sized and versatile.

The table can be used for arts and crafts, games, tea parties and more. As she gets older and expressed an interest in drawing and learning to write the set will keep her in a good, ergonomic position for this, and is ideal as a space for completing homework! The KidKraft Heart Table and Chairs is easy to assemble and comes with full instructions.

  • Ideal for arts, crafts, games and more
  • Child-sized
  • Easy assembly
  • Built to last
  • Large item, requiring a designated space

9. FurReal Friends Bootsie

FurReal Friends Bootsie
Why we like it: A cat toy that you can feed, take for a walk, and play with! Increasing understanding of pet-care and responsibility.

Lots of 5-year-olds have or would like a pet. The FurReal Friends Bootsie needs taking care of just like a real cat; it can be fed, taken for a walk and played with. This might be a good way to introduce a child to the responsibility that comes along with looking after a pet, or just a realistic way for them to role-play.

Imaginative role-play that involves caring or nurturing behavior, such as taking care of a pet, also improves social skills when playing with others. This would make a great gift for a 5-year-old girl who loves animals.

  • Encourages caring, nurturing play
  • Allows imaginative role-play
  • Helps children to understand pet-care
  • Makes fun sounds
  • Requires batteries

10. Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre

Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre
Why we like it: Horse riding is a popular interest for little girls and this set allows them to play imaginatively based on that interest.

Horse-riding and equestrian care are popular with 5-year-old girls, many of whom love the idea of having a pony to look after. The Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre is a great toy that fits into this interest. This encourages imaginative role-play around the theme of horses and horse riding.

The Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre features detailed modeling and realistic elements that help to build an understanding of the reality of equestrian care. This set would make an ideal gift for a 5-year-old girl who is interested in horses or horse-riding.

  • Based on a popular interest
  • Builds understanding of equestrian care
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Detailed modeling, realistic elements
  • Small parts

11. ThinkFun Robot Turtles

ThinkFun Robot Turtles
Why we like it: A fun board game to help kids learn about coding for 2-5 players.

A fun board game for 2-5 players the ThinkFun Robot Turtles offers a huge array of benefits to children and would make an excellent gift for 5-year-old girls. This board game offers all the benefits of traditional board games; teaching children to take turns, follow rules and win and lose with emotional regulation.

However, the ThinkFun Robot Turtles also helps children to learn about technology and coding, promoting those sought-after technological skills. Designed to be played with parents, children write code using cards, but no screen is needed! An ideal educational gift for a 5-year-old girl.

  • 2-5 players
  • Teaches children about coding
  • Encourages use of technology
  • Promotes social skills
  • Designed to be played with parents
  • Requires additional players

12. Unicorn Water Bottle Kit

Unicorn Water Bottle Kit
Why we like it: A fun project that can be done with the family while also inspiring creativity.

If there’s a five-year-old unicorn lover on your shopping list, this gift is going to make her happy in more ways than one. This unicorn water bottle isn’t just a functional water bottle but it’s also a kit where she can decorate it how she wants to show the world she’s creative, artistic and the world’s number one unicorn lover.

The bottle is designed with a stainless steel body and a pink BPA-free sipping lid. It holds 500 milliliters of water, perfect for little hands. Included with the kit are tons of embellishments that can be stuck on the bottle, including stickers and various-sized gems. The stickers can be left plain or can be used as templates to be filled in by the rhinestones. It even comes with a gem pen to make placing the gems more precise. Though for a five-year-old, she’d be just as happy sticking the gems wherever she sees fit. It’s a chance to encourage her artistic side and also teach her the importance of drinking water.

  • Nurtures creativity
  • Promotes individuality
  • Teaches the importance of hydration
  • Toxic-free bottle
  • Includes small parts

13. Fruit Scented Markers Set

Why we like it: A large set of scented, unicorn-themed markers and crayons to inspire individuality through art.

Expect a lot of pictures for the refrigerator door with this gift. If the five-year-old girl you need to find a gift for loves to color, this set is going to inspire her inner artist. The set, made by Amitié Lane, includes an abundance of coloring tools for her to use. It comes with 10 jumbo markers, 10 fine markers, 12 twistable crayons and 12 mini glitter pens. Plus, they’re all scented!

Each color has a different scent, making up a bouquet of delicious fruity aromas. Scented markers not only add an extra layer of fun but also add a sensory experience to her art. To finish off her masterpiece the set also includes three sheets of unicorn stickers. When art time is over the pens are all organized in the unicorn-themed carrying case that features four individual zippered compartments to keep each type of pen separate. That’s also a great way to teach responsibility and organization during clean-up time.

  • Ignites artistic creativity
  • Provides a sensory experience
  • Teaches organization
  • Nontoxic
  • Caps are not attached

14. Disney Large Winnie the Pooh

Disney Large Winnie the Pooh
Why we like it: Official Winnie the Pooh toy, great as bedroom décor or to cuddle.

Winnie the Pooh is a really popular children’s character and this official Disney toy is a great way to gift something based on this interest and theme. Made with super soft materials this toy is extremely huggable providing comfort to a 5-year-old.

The Disney Large Winnie the Pooh is also suitable as bedroom décor due to its large size it would make a great feature in a child’s bedroom or playroom, and may spark imagination and imaginative play. If the 5-year-old girl you’re buying for is a fan of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh then this gift could be perfect for her.

  • Official Disney toy
  • Super-soft materials
  • Suitable as bedroom décor
  • Large, huggable toy provides comfort
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Large item, requires space to store
  • Hand-wash only

15. Dress Up Ring Set

Dress-Up Ring Set
Why we like it: A delightful set of dress-up rings to help little girls define their personal fashion sense and individuality.

If making jewelry isn’t what the five-year-old you’re shopping for is into but she still wants to show off some serious bling, this set of rings is going to be perfect for dress-up time. The set includes 24 rings, each with a different fun and girly design. Everything from fruit and desserts to mermaid tails and butteries is right there in the set.

The rings are designed with adjustable metal backs so sizing won’t be an issue. The decorative tops of the rings are made from high-quality acrylic that won’t fade. All the rings are beautifully presented in the box that doubles as a jewelry box she can keep on her dresser. With this many rings there’s one for every finger, and some to spare. Next time she’s getting ready for her playdate and she can’t find that perfect accessory to pull her look together, this gift will have her covered.

  • Promotes fashion and individuality
  • Tons of style options
  • Adjustable skin-safe nickel backs
  • Reusable jewelry box included
  • Contains small parts

16. SilverLit Robo Dash Remote Control Dog

SilverLit Robo Dash Remote Control Dog
Why we like it: A remote-controlled robot dog who can detect objects and follow you around.

If the 5-year-old you’re buying for is just longing for a pet then maybe a remote-controlled dog will do the trick. The SilverLit Robo Dash Remote Control Dog is a high-tech, high-quality alternative to a real, furry friend. As well as allowing for plenty of imaginative role-play and experimenting with pet care there are plenty of other learning opportunities.

Using the remote control allows children to improve their technology skills, and the SilverLit Robo Dash Remote Control Dog’s built-in object detection not only keeps the dog safe but will also build a child’s interest in robotics.

  • Increases interest in robotics
  • Remote control allows for improved technology skills
  • Object detection technology
  • Encourages role-play
  • Requires batteries

17. Glowing Unicorn Flannel Blanket

Glowing Unicorn Flannel Blanket
Why we like it: A practical but fun gift that will be the perfect nap-time blanket or sleepover companion.

This cool gift is going to become any five-year-old girl’s favorite blanket, no doubt. Not only is this blanket super soft, breathable and covered with flying unicorns, it also glows in the dark! When left out in the sun for as little as 15 minutes this blanket could almost double as a nightlight.

It’s made of 100% plush polyester that can easily be washed so it’s great for everyday use. It could be used on a bed, for nap times on the couch, or taken to sleepovers in the included tote bag. The bag is made of water-resistant nylon so when it’s not being used to carry her favorite blanket it could also be used as a daytime tote to carry her snacks or her favorite toys wherever she goes. This also makes a great gift because it’s not something that she’ll grow out of quickly like she would small toys that are age dependent.

  • Glows in the dark
  • Includes reusable tote backpack
  • Soft and itch-free materials
  • Machine washable
  • Synthetic materials

18. KidKraft Pastel Nantucket Wooden Storage Bench

KidKraft Pastel Nantucket Wooden Storage Bench
Why we like it: A wooden storage bench, fitting in with décor in a girl’s playroom or bedroom, perfect for storing away toys neatly.

It is always tempting to buy children toys because they get that wow reaction, but any parent knows that with every birthday or special event that passes comes a challenge; storage. As children accumulate more toys it can be difficult to know where to store them neatly. The KidKraft Pastel Nantucket Wooden Storage Bench is a practical solution to this problem.

As well as being visually pleasing, and likely to fit in with the décor of a 5-year-old girl’s bedroom or playroom, the KidKraft Pastel Nantucket Wooden Storage Bench comes with storage boxes included and easy to follow assembly instructions.

  • Practical piece of furniture
  • Storage boxes included
  • Easy assembly
  • Built to last
  • Requires adult assembly
  • Requires space

19. VTech Kidi Super Star

VTech Kidi Super Star
Why we like it: Perfect for a rising super star! A kids’ karaoke machine to encourage her to sing and dance.

Around age 5 a little girl may begin to show an interest in, and a natural flair for, the performing arts. If the 5-year-old girl you’re buying for loves to sing and dance and this is something that you want to encourage then the VTech Kidi Super Star could be a fantastic choice of gift.

The VTech Kidi Super Star is a kids’ karaoke machine, designed with children in mind it has a height-adjustable stand and features plenty of lights and sounds. With a built-in stand to hold a phone or mp3 player to sing along to a 5-year-old girl will be delighted with this gift!

  • Designed for kids
  • Height-adjustable stand
  • Lights and sounds
  • Recording mode
  • Requires batteries

20. Rubie’s Official Supergirl Deluxe Costume

Rubie's Official Supergirl Deluxe Costume
Why we like it: Encourage imaginative play with this official Supergirl dressing-up costume.

Imaginative role-play and dressing up is a big part of childhood and this officially licensed Supergirl costume will be well received by most 5-year-old girls. Whether she puts it to work in her play at home or uses it for dressing up at parties or on special days at school it is sure to make a welcome addition to her dressing up box.

Being an official, licensed product, Rubie’s official Supergirl Deluxe Costume, is made of high-quality materials and has been tested to both EU and UK standards so you can be sure that it will last. By age 5 most children can manage dressing fairly well but dressing up costumes are a great way to have her practice her skills.

  • Officially licensed product
  • High-quality materials
  • Encourages imaginative role-play
  • Tested to EU and UK Standards
  • Age 5-7, may be outgrown quickly

21. Playmobil The Movie Del’s Food Truck

Playmobil The Movie Del's Food Truck
Why we like it: Based on Playmobil the movie, this set lets children re-enact scenes from the film.

Based on Playmobil the movie this set allows children to re-enact popular scenes from the film. The Playmobil The Movie Del’s Food Truck is perfectly sized for 5-year-olds as it is small enough to feel like a more ‘grown-up’ toy whilst simultaneously being easy to hold.

Compatible with other Playmobil, and Playmobil the movie, sets play can be continuously expanded encouraging using plenty of imagination and creativity and improving storytelling skills as the 5-year-old uses language to narrate the theme of the play and the storyline. The Playmobil the Movie Del’s Food Truck would make an ideal gift for a 5-year-old girl who has seen and enjoyed Playmobil the Movie.

  • Sized for 5-year olds
  • Based on Playmobil the movie
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Improves storytelling skills
  • Requires storage

22. Lego Juniors Stephanie’s Lakeside House

Lego Juniors Stephanie's Lakeside House
Why we like it: Ideal for younger builders this set features modular pieces to help with construction and encourages imaginative play.

The Lego Juniors Stephanie’s Lakeside Home is ideal for younger children as it features bigger, modular pieces that help with construction by making it easier to build the house quickly. The set is compatible with all other Lego sets though, so if the 5-year-old girl you’re buying for wants to give some more complex construction a go then she can always add to the set!

Homes and houses are popular play themes for 5-year-olds as it allows them to play based on their own experiences of home, family and friends. Lego is a popular and timeless toy for very good reason and will last for years to come. This set makes a great gift for a 5-year-old girl.

  • Modular pieces to make construction manageable
  • Improves construction skills
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Compatible with other Lego sets
  • Requires storage

23. Rubik´s Race Game

Rubik´s Race Game
Why we like it: Based on the classic Rubik’s cube, this game for 2, helps increase children’s logic skills.

Rubik’s cubes are a classic toy for honing logic skills but they can be a little complex for 5-year-olds! The Rubik’s race game is designed for children and allows 2 players to compete, racing against the clock to imitate a pattern shown on the card.

The players must slide pieces around in order to display the same pattern as the card shows, this not only increases finger strength and fine motor skill but also helps to build neural pathways in the brain related to pattern recognition, which is an important foundation for mathematical skill.

  • Improves logic skills
  • 2 players
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Encourages social skills
  • Promotes pattern recognition
  • Requires another player

24. Melissa & Doug The Original Pretend Play Cleaning Set

Melissa & Doug Housekeeping Set
Why we like it: Encourage imaginative play and get a head-start on chores with this full housekeeping set!

Children love to play with what they know, and what is familiar to them and 5-year-olds especially enjoy imitating what they have seen adults doing as they long to be considered’ grown up’ enough to join in with adult activities. The Melissa & Doug Housekeeping Set is a set of child-sized housekeeping tools that will allow the child to join in with what their parents are doing around the house.

The Melissa & Doug Housekeeping set is fully functional and can help to build up children’s confidence as they feel part of running the household, laying down great foundations for chores! The set is also useful for children’s imaginative play, as playing families is a popular motif at this age.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Child-sized tools
  • Builds confidence
  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • Larger item, requires storage space

25. Aquabeads Beadtastic

Aquabeads Beadtastic
Why we like it: Brilliant craft set for honing fine motor skills, requiring no heat to bond.

Aquabeads are a great craft resource for children around this age as they are an activity that children can complete relatively independently. Unlike other similar crafts, these beads do not require ironing or any heat source to hold them in place. Instead, they bond together using just a sprinkle of water (a tool for doing this is included!) so most parents will be happy for their children to get on with this independently.

The Aquabeads Beadtastic set includes templates and over 2000 beads in an array of colors so a 5-year-old girl will be kept happy and entertained for many hours, and as a bonus will significantly improve her fine motor skills and dexterity.

  • Encourages creativity
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Does not require heat to bond
  • Over 2000 beads included
  • Templates included
  • Small pieces, need to be stored away from younger siblings

26. Green Toys Skipping Rope

Green Toys Skipping Rope
Why we like it: Safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly this skipping rope is a great way to improve physical skills and keep a little girl active.

Keeping kids active can be a real challenge but the Green Toys Skipping Rope is a great resource for encouraging children to improve their physical skills and fitness. Green Toys have a well-deserved reputation for high-quality, eco-friendly toys that are also completely safe and non-toxic with no BPA or phthalates.

The Green Toys skipping rope can be used either individually or for skipping games with a friend and helps to build strength and muscle tone in the arms and legs as well as improving cardiovascular fitness. An ideal small gift for an active 5-year-old girl.

  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Improves physical skills
  • Keeps children active and healthy
  • Can be used for skipping games, or individually
  • More expensive than other skipping ropes

27. Hasbro Gaming Perfection Game

Hasbro Gaming Perfection Game
Why we like it: A MENSA reviewed game that can be played individually or with others.

Board games are a great way to build social skills as children learn to get along with others, take turns and play fairly. However, one of the major drawbacks is that there isn’t always someone around to play with, the Hasbro Gaming Perfection Game solves this problem as it can be played both individually and with others.

Reviewed by MENSA for Kids, the Hasbro Gaming Perfection Game has plenty of learning opportunities and is especially good for developing early maths skills. It also has built-in storage as all of the pieces fit into, and can be stored in, the game itself. A great gift for child who loves playing games but doesn’t always have another player to hand.

  • Can be played individually or with others
  • Reviewed by MENSA for kids
  • Built-in storage; pieces fit inside the game
  • Early maths skills
  • Improves reaction times
  • Adult assembly required

Final words

When it comes to buying a gift for a 5-year-old girl there really are a lot of options! Luckily, 5-year-olds still have quite wide and varied interests, so the ideas listed here may give you some pointers in picking out a gift by presenting options you hadn’t considered or didn’t know about.

Many of the options are educational and improve important skills for school whilst not seeming like obvious schoolwork, so they are bound to be a hit with parents and children alike, and all of the gifts presented here have contributions to children’s development. We hope that this list has been helpful, as you consider which gift to pick out for the 5-year-old girl you have in mind.

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