16 Christmas Gifts a 5-Year-Old Boy Will Go Crazy For

Last updated on November 24, 2023

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Are you ready to make this Christmas the best one ever? Of course, you are! The only thing standing in your way is finishing up your holiday shopping by choosing the perfect gift for the lucky 5-year-old boy in your life.

We’re here to make that choice swift and pain-free. Don’t stress about what to choose, just pick from this list of 16 Christmas gifts a 5-year-old boy will go crazy for. Each of these items has been carefully selected to make sure they’re engaging and age-appropriate. From educational toys to sports-themed toys and things that will inspire creativity, there’s something here to make this Christmas one for the books.

1. Stretch Armstrong Action Figure

Stretch Armstrong Action Figure

For the 5-year-old boy on your Christmas list, you won’t go wrong buying him this Stretch Armstrong action figure. Stretch Armstrong is a timeless toy that has brought young boys entertainment since its creation in 1976. This classic toy is known for its incredible flexibility. It can be stretched, twisted and pulled in every direction, always returning back to its original shape.

Playing with Stretch Armstrong doesn’t just guarantee hours of entertainment. It also nurtures hand-eye coordination and offers a tactile exploration of cause and effect. This is a Christmas gift that spans generations and still stands out as a toy any young boy is going to love.


2. Batman Fisher-Price Playset

Batman Fisher-Price Playset

This Christmas, gift the 5-year-old boy in your life a piece of Gotham City. Based on the world of Batman, this two-story playset features Batman and Robin figures, a Batcycle, and multiple interactive sections like a hidden waterfall entrance, a jail cell and a launcher.

As he loses himself in imaginative play, he’ll develop his storytelling skills and fuel his creativity. With each story he makes up, whether it’s Batman and Robin teaming up against villains or new escapades for the superhero duo, this Batcave set promises to be the center of all the action. Make Christmas morning extra special for the little superhero you know and have this awesome toy set up under the Christmas tree.


3. Magnetic Building Tiles Set

Magnetic Building Tiles Set

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that is both fun and educational, surprise the 5-year-old boy on your list with this magnetic building set. This huge building kit includes 55 pieces that come in a variety of shapes and colors, providing endless creative possibilities. Every piece features powerful magnets, ensuring a secure and easy connection every time.

The set allows him to create his own multi-caboose train set, complete with train tracks and a train station. Beyond just fun, playing with this set can help develop his spatial awareness, fine motor skills and creativity. With a wide variety of shapes for building, this toy is sure to keep him engaged in hours of fun playtime.


4. Dino Egg Surprise Toy

Dino Egg Surprise Toy

Christmas mornings are filled with the anticipation of surprises, and what better way to heighten that excitement for a 5-year-old boy than with a giant surprise Dino Egg? This awesome toy is packed with a whopping 25 surprises, ensuring he has plenty to discover and play with. As he cracks open the massive egg, he’ll uncover dinosaur-themed collectibles and toys.

Inside, he’ll find smash-able eggs that hide mini dinosaurs plus a dinosaur skeleton he can play with or add to his display collection. He’ll also get other fun surprises like glowing slime and Dino Dirt. The set is available in three different dinosaur models so you can choose his favorite one. If dinosaurs are his passion, this a gift that keeps on giving.


5. Giant Monster Truck Garage

Giant Monster Truck Garage

This Christmas, light up the face of the 5-year-old boy on your list with the Monster Jam Super Garage. Measuring over four feet wide and two feet tall, this massive playset is going to be the highlight of Christmas morning.

The set features a manually operated elevator that can transport his cars to the top of the track, ready for the next trip down the stunt ramp. It even has lights and sounds so he’ll feel like he’s putting on his own mini Monster Jam event. The set holds up to 25 Monster Trucks. It also works with his Hot Wheels cars so he can play with all his favorite toys at once. This gift is going to have him all revved up for some action-packed playtime.


6. Solid Wood Tool Workbench

Solid Wood Tool Workbench

Give the 5-year-old handyman in your life a Christmas gift that will have him ready to pitch in on the DIY projects with his family. This workbench by Stanley, a leading name in professional tools, is a total upgrade from the toy bench he used to play with. He’s a big boy now, so he’s going to want his big boy working station.

The sturdy bench is made of real wood and painted in the classic black and yellow that is associated with the Stanley brand. The three tiers include the worktop, an integrated tool holder and a storage shelf at the bottom. If playing with tools is something that brings him joy, he’s going to be excited to have a bench that makes him feel like a pro-builder.


7. Beginner Magic Set

Beginner Magic Set

This Christmas is going to be even more magical for the 10-year-old boy in your life if you choose this amazing gift. This magic set will have everyone awed as he impresses his family and friends with his reality-defying new skills. Packed with a variety of tricks, he’ll have all the tools he needs to gear up for his new career in Vegas.

The premium quality tools and props are designed specifically for young hands, ensuring smooth and captivating performances. As he hones his craft, he’ll not only engage and entertain but also develop confidence, dexterity and a love for the art of magic.


8. Rainbow Seated Bouncing Ball

Rainbow Seated Bouncing Ball

For the 5-year-old boy eager to jump into the Christmas festivities, this gift is going to be just the thing he wants. This seated bouncy ball, featuring a sturdy handle, will make sure he gets from point A to point B in the most fun way possible.

This 18-inch ball hopper is made of a thicker and more durable material than other hoppers on the market. That not only makes it more safe but also ensures he’ll be able to bounce off all that extra energy for longer. It holds up to 130 pounds of weight so even his older siblings can have a turn. Whether he’s bouncing in the backyard or around the living room, he’ll love that you chose to get him this exciting Christmas gift.


9. Galactic Crystal Growing Kit

Galactic Crystal Growing Kit

Every 5-year-old boy loves a bit of amazement at Christmas, and this galactic crystal growing kit promises just that. This set allows him to cultivate and grow three authentic crystals, combining the fun of hands-on activity with an interest in science. As the crystals form and grow, his excitement will too.

Once the crystals are ready, he can design his own space-themed terrarium, decorating it to look like a distant galaxy. The kit even comes with a fun miniature alien, perfect for placing behind the crystals for an added touch of intergalactic adventure. More than just a science experiment, this is a way he can create his custom room decor and a fantastic project the whole family can do together.


10. Water Based Gel Crayons (24 Pieces)

24-Piece Gel Crayons

If you’re Christmas shopping for a 5-year-old kiddo who likes to color, these crayons are going to be a winning gift idea. Like traditional crayons, this set comes in a wide spectrum of colors. However, these crayons come with a twist.

Instead of having to work with crayons that need to be sharpened or constantly break from the pressure of coloring too hard, these crayons come inside a plastic, twistable tube. When he’s ready to color he just twists the tube to expose the specially formulated gel crayon. The gel formula not only means the colors glide on paper easier but they can be used on dark or light paper. They can even be mixed with water for a watercolor effect. He will love all the new art he can make with this thoughtful Christmas gift.


11. Coloring Time Table Cloth

Coloring Time Table Cloth

Give the 5-year-old boy on your Christmas list the unique experience of personalizing his dining space with this coloring time tablecloth and marker set. Made from 100% cotton, this tablecloth features a fun pond theme, ready to be brought to life with his artistic touch.

The included markers are designed to color on the tablecloth without the worry of bleeding. However, when the design is all colored in and he wants to start over, Mom or Dad can just throw it in the washing machine and all the colors will be erased. It’s made of 100% cotton so it’s a low-maintenance option for having on the dining room. Or it can be hung as a mural for the entire family to enjoy. This is a unique Christmas present and one that will keep him entertained over and over again.


12. Disney Pixar Hawaiian Shirt

Disney Pixar Hawaiian Shirt

This Christmas, let the 5-year-old boy in your life show off his love for Pixar through fashion. This vibrant Hawaiian shirt is covered in characters from his favorite Pixar movies. Not only will he look cool, but he’ll feel confident in the stylish button-up style.

Made of high-quality polyester, this shirt is machine washable, making it a great choice for young boys who like to play rough outside. The full-button front, collar and chest pocket make this suitable for any occasion, whether it’s going to school or a night out with the family.


13. Star Constellation Weighted Blanket

Star Constellation Weighted Blanket

This Christmas, surprise the 5-year-old boy in your life with this comforting weighted blanket. Designed to alleviate anxiety, its gentle weight offers a sensation similar to a cozy hug, ensuring he feels calm and secure all night long.

Inside the blanket are toxic-free, glass beads that stay evenly distributed in the four-inch pockets sewn inside. This offers consistent pressure and better temperature control. The microfiber cover, which is covered in a fun constellation pattern, is machine-washable, making upkeep hassle-free. This blanket is a great gift idea for little ones who sometimes struggle to sleep and need a solution for a better night’s rest. Whether he’s cozying up in bed or lounging on the sofa, this is going to be his new comfort blanket.


14. Tee Ball and Launcher Set

Tee Ball and Launcher Set

If you’re Christmas shopping for a 5-year-old boy who’s eager to get his baseball career started, this gift choice is going to be a home run. Designed especially for young kids, this tee-ball set is made to fit comfortably in little hands. The lightweight bat and plastic balls make batting practice easier and more enjoyable.

Besides the included balls, bat and tee-stand, this set also comes with a ball launcher. As his skills improve and he’s ready to practice hitting balls mid-air, he can set the ball on the launcher and wait for it to pop up. This set is great for travel or easy storage as all the pieces are collapsible. If you’re looking for a gift for a little athlete, this one is going to knock it out of the park.


15. Floor Hockey Set

Floor Hockey Set

Here’s a Christmas gift idea that will have the 5-year-old boy in your life ready to go outside and play after all the presents are opened. This floor hockey set is great for indoor and outdoor play. It’s designed to be played on multiple surfaces, so whether it’s a snowy Christmas or he’s in warmer climates, he and his friends will have fun engaging in active play.

The set includes two lightweight hockey sticks, a round ball and a plastic puck. The hockey sticks are made of lightweight ABS plastic so while they’re easy to handle, they’re also very durable and can stand up to those hard-hitting slap shots.


16. Foldable Trampoline with Handlebar

Foldable Trampoline with Handlebar

For the 5-year-old who has some energy to burn, you won’t regret this Christmas gift. This foldable trampoline will have him bouncing until his heart is content. The 36-inch surface offers plenty of jumping space and the 150-pound capacity means it’s a gift he can continue to enjoy as he grows.

Designed with safety in mind, the rim of the trampoline base is covered in padding and the removable handlebar with a padded grip ensures he keeps his balance until he’s used to his new bouncing skills. It’s a trampoline and he’s a 5-year-old boy. It’s a no-brainer gift and you’ll be glad you picked it.

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